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Circuit Mediation Office

The Tenth Circuit Mediation Office conducts mediation in civil appeals pursuant to Federal Rule of Appellate Procedure 33 and Tenth Circuit Rule 33.1. The Court's mediation process provides confidential, risk-free opportunities for parties to resolve their disputes without the need of a further judicial decision. The office is staffed by attorney-mediators who conduct telephone, video, and in-person conferences primarily to explore the possibilities of settlement and secondarily to resolve procedural problems.

Most types of civil appeals are eligible for a settlement conference. The office does not mediate pro se, social security, and habeas corpus appeals. To learn more about our mediation program, read the mediation FAQ and please consult the links in the Resources section on the right.

Office Staff

David W. Aemmer - Chief Circuit Mediator
Kevin J. Kinnear - Circuit Mediator
Denise McClure - Conference Administrator

Contact us at

Telephone: 303-844-6017
Email: Email Circuit Mediation