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Health Precautions for Entering Byron White Courthouse

Friday, May 26, 2023

Out of consideration for our judges, staff, and others who have business with the court, please do not enter the Byron White United States Courthouse if you have COVID-19 and are still infectious; have been asked to isolate; are experiencing possible COVID-19 symptoms; and/or are symptomatic from another contagious illness. 

Persons who wish to file documents or submit paper copies in person may use the Clerk’s Office drop box located just inside the front door of the Courthouse. In addition, live audio streams of oral arguments are available to the public via the court’s YouTube channel, and oral argument recordings are promptly posted to the court’s website.

Although masks are not required in the Courthouse, all persons are permitted to wear a mask that covers their nose and mouth if they wish to do so for health-related reasons. There are many health-related reasons why a person might need or want to wear a mask, and all are asked to respect the health decisions of others in this regard.

Please contact the Tenth Circuit Clerk’s Office at 303-844-3157 or with questions or concerns.